Student Awards

In ACUADS commitment to reconciliation, we are proud to announce our first student award.

ACUADS First Nations Student Award 

The award recognises a First Nations student in art and/or design who identifies as an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person, is enrolled in 2nd or 3rd year and whose creative practice reflects the deep time cultural knowledge of the world’s longest living culture. The award recipient’s work will engage with insights about drawing on indigenous cultural knowledgeand Country and connect these to contemporary expression through art and/or design. 

Heads of School (or their equivalent) are invited to nominate a student for the Annual ACUAD First Nations Student Award. Recipients receive $500 AUD in addition to a citation and presentation of a pin at the annual ACUADS conference. The nominated Mentor of the selected recipient will also receive $500 to support the recipient in developing further creative work in the year following the award.

The selection panel for this award comprises First Nations leaders in the art and design sector:

Lola Greeno, Launceston

Vicki Couzens (RMIT), Melbourne

Angie Abdilla (UNSW), Sydney 

Amanda Hayman (Blaklash), Brisbane

The selection panel assesses all nominations for the First Nations Student Award against the stated criteria and reserves the right to make a nomination. One candidate per award category may be successful in any one year, with the potential exception of awarding two candidates in a category if assessment against the criteria results in two equally highest ranked candidates.

Selection Criteria                             

  • Documentation of an outstanding work of art and/or design that reflects the deep time cultural knowledge of the world’s longest living culture. (eg max. 10 images; 5 minutes video; etc)
  • A statement about how the work is informed by Country and how the applicant has drawn on cultural knowledge and protocols in the development of the work (100 words)
  • A statement about how the work demonstrates a connection between cultural knowledge and contemporary expression (100 words)
  • The nomination of a mentor who has agreed to support the applicant’s creative development (equivalent to 5 hours, and paid at $105 per hour). In this context a mentor is someone in the applicant’s community who agrees to provide support to the student in creative understanding of Country and cultural knowledge in the year following the award. This may take the form of two Mentoring meetings or another form that supports the creative development of the applicant’s practice.

Nomination Process

Nominations from Heads of School (or equivalent, i.e. teacher of the student) should comprise:

  • A 1-page evidence-based statement in the form provided that addresses the selection criteria;
  • This should address the selection criteria with evidence that includes documentation of the work (photographs, video, etc).  

Deadline and Submission

We are now accepting nominations for this award.

Closing date for submissions is 19th August 2022.
Successful applicants will be notified on the 29th September 2022.

Please direct all queries to Thao Nguyen, Executive Officer, ACUADS (Office hours: Fridays).