2003 Conference


1 – 4 October, 2003

Hosted by the School of Art, University of Tasmania

Rather than set a theme for the 2003 conference, the 2002 AGM agreed to let the conference content be set by the current interests of Australia’s art, craft and design practitioners, historians and theorists. We also acknowledged that not all art/design school-based art, craft and design practice meets the criteria of formal academic research, and that our recent conferences have tended to privilege traditional academic research over traditional creative practice. The 2003 conference aimed to include the full range of practices.

This site includes all papers presented at the Conference, comprising both refereed papers and unrefereed papers; unrefereed papers are indicated below with an asterisk (*).

Refereed Papers

The refereeing process complied with guidelines set by the Australian Government Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST). Referees were chosen from the academic community and were independent experts in their chosen field. Each paper submitted for refereeing was submitted as a ‘blind’ (unidentifiable) copy. Written comments were received from each referee for each paper. Papers requiring revision were returned to authors for the required changes. At no time were referees informed of the identities of the authors whose papers they were assessing, nor were authors informed of the referees’ identities. The Keynote papers were not subject to this process.

These papers have been edited for consistency in presentation, and an effort has been made to ensure that all papers are free from errors.

Unrefereed Papers

Those papers that were not subject to peer review and editing. Unrefereed papers are indicated below with an asterisk (*) to distinguish them from refereed papers.

ACUADS 2003 Conference
Survey: Current art and design research and practice within Australian tertiary art and design schools
Tasmanian School of Art
University of Tasmania
1-4 October 2003


Opening Pandora’s Paintbox
FAUST Chantal
Teaching Creativity
GLUTH Stuart
The Diseased Corpse
Recharting Surrealism