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29-30 September 2016
QUT Creative Industries Faculty, Brisbane
Conference website: https://www.ivvy.com/event/ACUADS/

Conference Theme: Adaptation
Art and design schools across Australia navigate a range of cultural and economic forces. The pedagogical and research agendas of the University environment, along with concomitant financial and administrative constraints, create one set of pressures. External industry structures and commercial aims create provide another. As art and design schools adapt to, and define themselves against, these environmental conditions, a pressure that often runs against the studio’s spirit of enquiry and value as a pedagogical space may be produced. In the context of these complex forces, what is the morphology of the contemporary art and design school?

The 2016 ACUADS Conference considered adaptation of various qualities and extents, as entities, processes and approaches that are conditional, grafted, contoured, nested or composite. Papers were invited from academics, art teachers and postgraduate students on topics relating to adaptation, interconnection, hybridity, survival, symbiosis and habitat as they affect the practice and pedagogy of contemporary art and design. Papers and roundtable proposals addressed topics including, but not limited to:

  • Survival practices: considering art, design and the anthropocene
  • Arranged marriages: amalgamations and mergers
  • Praxical models: connecting theory, practice and exegesis
  • Critical studio models: the contemporary art market and the academy
  • Methodologies: hybrid processes in the studio, lab and workshop
  • Disciplined and undisciplined approaches: connecting practices, fields, methodologies and audiences
  • Common spaces: teaching and practice

Postgraduate Scholarships
Congratulations to Bettina Bruder, UNSW; Bryan Harris, ANU and Ash Tower, UNISA who were named the 2016 ACUADS Postgraduate Scholars. They received $500 towards registration, travel and accommodation costs.

Charles Robb (Convenor)
Dr Courtney Pedersen
Dr Rachael Haynes

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Visual Art Discipline, School of Media, Entertainment and Creative Arts
QUT Creative Industries Faculty, Brisbane
Musk Avenue, Kelvin Grove QLD 4059 AUSTRALIA

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All the papers published here were subject to a process of double-blind peer review at both abstract (acceptance) and final paper stage (publication). Abstracts were revised and resubmitted following an initial stage of peer review. Final papers were reviewed by their authors subsequent to a further final stage of peer review. The papers were then subject to minor editing to ensure they are as free of errors as possible and that they consistently comply with the conference style guide.


Dr. Lyndall Adams, Prof. Clive Barstow and Dr. Paul Uhlmann (ECU): What is ERA really measuring?
Dr. Paramita Atmodiwirjo and Prof. Yandi Andri Yatmo (Universitas Indonesia): Interior as “living machine”: connecting ecology and interior
Prof. Clive Barstow (ECU): Towards Trialectic Space: An experiment in cultural misunderstanding and misinterpretation.
Dr. Elizabeth Bevan-Parrella (University of South Australia): Autonomous aesthetic practice in the Anthropocene
Ms. Bettina Bruder (UNSW): Elastic transformations within the production of knowledge through art and design
Ms. Linda Clark (USQ): Instigating Regional Collaboration: using a mother/artist methodology to facilitate creative practice, engagement and exchange
Mr. Adam Cruickshank (RMIT): Making public the making public
Assoc. Prof. Denise Ferris (ANU): Adaptation: turning the tables on our magnificent obsession
Ms. Caren Florance (University of Canberra): Be spoken to: a highly disciplined cross-disciplinary project
Dr. Wendy Fountain and Prof. Kit Wise (University of Tasmania): Excursions and incursions: Getting inside the social motives and practices re-shaping creative arts learning
Mr. Bryan Harris (ANU): Mapping autotopographies
Dr. Rachael Haynes and Dr. Courtney Pedersen (QUT): The Long Lunch: interstitial spaces between creative practice, social learning and radical pedagogy
Dr. Geoff Hinchcliffe and Dr. Mitchell Whitelaw (ANU): Digital, Material, Engaged & Undisciplined: Introducing a Bachelor of Design at the Australian National University
Dr. Jo Jung and Dr. Mark McMahon (ECU): Peer review as learning tool in design units
Dr. Svenja Kratz, Dr. Megan Keating and Prof. Kit Wise (University of Tasmania): Strategic directions in practice-led research: rethinking research models in the creative arts
Assoc. Prof. Keely Macarow and Assoc. Prof. Dominic Redfern (RMIT): Art education: a social good or corporate thorn?
Dr Daniel McKewen (QUT): Digital practices: developing digital literacies in open-studio teaching for the post-studio art world
Mr. Patrick McNamara and Dr. Belinda Paulovich (CSU): Evaluating the online studio as a retraining ground for mature age graphic design students
Prof. Frank Millward (University of Newcastle): Finding a Voice – Having a Vision – Making a Space: revisiting creative practice within the academy
Dr. Susan Ostling (Griffith University): How might recent theorisation of ‘the curatorial’ be valuable to the ‘artist as curator’ in the context of the art school environment?
Dr. Shannon Satherley (QUT): The Creative Landscape: Experimenting with a hybridised teaching strategy
Assoc. Prof. Lisa Scharoun, Dr. Fanke Peng and Dr. Bethaney Turner (University of Canberra): Global Creative Competency: Multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural workshops as a means to strengthen work-ready skills for Honours students in creative arts & design
Assoc. Prof. Lisa Scharoun and Assoc. Prof. Carlos Montana Hoyos (University of Canberra): Industrial and graphic design in the ‘Innovation Nation’: the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and exchange in design education.
Dr. Grant Stevens (UNSW): Artists teaching artists: a survey of current debates
Mr. Ash Tower and Ms. Sasha Grbic (University of South Australia): Lent and borrowed: risk and distributed authorship in tertiary studio research
Dr. Kate Tregloan (Monash University) Prof. Kit Wise and Dr. Wendy Fountain (University of Tasmania): Multiple Measures & Interdisciplinary Adventures: Benchmarking interdisciplinary assessment design in the Creative Arts and Humanities
Dist. Prof. Jen Webb (University of Canberra): Working the field: visual arts graduates in the current context
Mr. Peter West, Assoc. Prof. Yoko Akama (RMIT) and Assoc. Prof. Mark McMillan (University of Melbourne): “I was worried about insulting Indigenous communities with my designs”: shifting from fear to recognition to create a meeting place of sovereigns