1) From Bachelor of Design Arts to Designer/Maker; and 2) Visual Research Using Dürer’s Perspective Illustration


Part One: From Bachelor of Design Arts to Designer/Maker Part one of this paper will be a report on the aim and development of the newly introduced craft-based design degree at Australian National University, School of Art. February 2006 saw the first student cohort enrol in Design Art, comprising all craft-based departments at the school. Analysing experiences, feedback and evaluation, this paper attempts to show the challenges and opportunities for students and staff while addressing the designer/maker model in delivering this degree.

Part Two: Visual Research Using Dürer’s Perspective Illustration Part two discusses the initial outcome of a visual research project initiated by a surprise discovery of a mistake in one of Albrecht Dürer’s illustrations. This discovery was a result of teaching perspective drawing as part of the Design Art core program.


Gilbert Riedelbauch is lecturer and coordinator for the Computer Art Studio and Design Arts at the Australian National University, Canberra, School of Art. He is a practicing artist exhibiting nationally and internationally. After completing his degree in silversmithing with a Meisterschueler at the Academy of Fine Art in Nuernberg, Germany, he completed a Graduate Diploma (Silversmithing) at the ANU School of Art. In 1998, he was jointly nominated for an ANU Vice Chancellor’s Teaching Award and an Australian Award for University Teaching. In 2002, he was invited to participate at the prestigious ‘Meister der Moderne’ exhibition at the international Munich Craft Fair where he was awarded the coveted ‘Bavarian Staats Prize’.