Gjoko Muratovski

Challenges and Opportunities of Cross-Disciplinary Design Education and Research


As design education is undergoing a transition from an ‘arts and crafts’ oriented discipline to an academic field of ‘theory and research’, the need for a different model of design education is becoming increasingly visible. Even though design is an integrative discipline that has emerged from the interaction of several other fields, more needs to be done in order for design to be accepted as such by the wider academic community. While on one side design can be seen as a field of practice and applied research; on the other, design can be seen as a field of thinking and pure research. However, in order for designers to be accepted as researchers by other disciplines, design education needs to be revisited and cross-disciplinary research methods need to be introduced in design education.

In this paper, I will examine cross-disciplinary design education and research. In doing so, I will narrow down cross-disciplinarity as a combination of multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research models that can be introduced at various stages of design education. In addition to this, I will address some of the challenges and the opportunities associated with cross-disciplinary education and research as a whole, while highlighting the prospects of bridging the cross-disciplinary research gap.

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Gjoko Muratovski:

Dr Gjoko Muratovski is a multidisciplinary design and branding expert with experience spanning from Europe and the USA, to Australia and Asia. Throughout the years, he has been working on a multitude of highly diverse international projects: working with Greenpeace on raising global awareness on environmental issues, promoting a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage with Toyota, developing a nation branding case study for the Government of Republic of Macedonia, among others.

Most recently, as a Founding Director, Dr Muratovski has established the University of South Australia’s DESIS Lab – a part of the Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability (DESIS) International Network endorsed by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). He has also been involved with NASA Johnson Space Center and the Mars Society Australia on the establishment of a Research Consortium for conducting Design Research in Spacecraft Habitation and Extraterrestrial Environments.

Currently, Dr Muratovski is a Chairman of the agIdeas International Research Conference – Design for Business and Industry, which is a part of the agIdeas International Design Week, Melbourne.