Keeping it real: Student collaboration with industry

Dr Jo Jung (Edith Cowan University), Dr Hanadi Haddad (Edith Cowan University)
2018 Conference

Project-based learning though industry collaboration provides a critical link between the real world and the academic environment. In learning institutions, students work on simulated assignment topics shielded from the real world refining their design skills. Working on live project briefs and partnership with industry clients allow students to put their knowledge into practice, and prepare for future employability. As students develop their project, they must consider two aspects of professional practice: design management and project management. This requires students to demonstrate their ability to consider a broader understanding of initiating and completing a project through an extensive application of project management skills. This paper examines the final year capstone unit, Design Practices: Project, where student teams collaborate with industry clients to deliver outcomes in the form of products and services. After reviewing the status-quo of the unit, projects challenges, lessons learned and students’ feedback will be discussed.

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About the author

Jo is currently the coordinator of Games & Interactivity at Edith Cowan University. Her research interest is in the field of interaction design – in particular, social-emotional approach to improve user experience. Jo also has consulted and worked on a number of industry and educational projects including WA Healthy Children Program (RefreshED) funded by the Western Australia Department of Health.


Hanadi has a background in Interactive Media Development, Design and Interactive Television. She is currently a lecturer in Design and Professional Placement Coordinator at the School of Arts and Humanities, ECU. Previously, she was a Post-doctoral Research Associate at Murdoch University. A graduate of Curtin University, her PhD (The Design and Effect of Synthetic Character-Agents in Computer Mediated Information Delivery) involved multidisciplinary research between the School of Design and School of Computer Science. Her research interests include Visual Communication, the latest project focusing on Design Interventions to Promote Understanding of the UV Index.