The Power of Effective Design Teachers in Imparting Effective Design Education

Ms. Stephanie Hampson
2012 Conference

What design is and its role in the world is something that professional design organisations struggle to express to the very consumers of design. I also see design education as struggling to impart to the future practitioners the understanding of the role and power of design on the world. This isn’t something to be addressed by running discrete units in a curriculum, but rather through investing the teaching staff with the enthusiasm for design as well as the historical, cultural and theoretical aspects of the discipline that encompasses a wide variety of mini-disciplines. There are a variety of techniques and lessons that can be learnt from short term teaching courses. The ability to deliver current and contemporary knowledge along with a historical insight, as well as an accomplished skill set is something that needs to be nurtured and encouraged. This paper explores how these skills can be imparted effectively to students through effective teaching techniques of delivery and assessment as well as interpersonal skills training.

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About the author

Stephanie Hampson graduated from Curtin University in 1992 with Honours specialising in not-for-profit promotion. She worked for a variety of companies and individuals in the print and design area in Perth and Melbourne in pre-production and design roles, after which she ran away to Thailand and Japan. Returning to Perth in 2002 due to the irresistible lure of ‘grandparents’ for a small child she undertook a Graduate Diploma in Education and a Masters of Design specialising in Cross Cultural Education in the Visual Arts. She currently is looking at doing further study whilst enjoying the research and the opportunities that her job lecturing at Curtin University brings. Her areas of research interest are Design Education and Design History.