Urban intervention within Non-Objective Art Practice

Mr. David Attwood - Post Graduate
2012 Conference

This paper will address the use of urban intervention as a creative methodology within Non-Objective art practice. Within the context of this paper the use of the term ‘urban intervention’ reflects artwork made within an urban (non-gallery) context. Whilst this method of creative practice has become common place across contemporary art since the 1960’s, it is comparatively new within the discourse of Non-Objective art in Australia. Specific to this discourse, artist group the Australian Centre for Concrete Art (AC4CA) exemplifies work done in this field. Across contemporary art internationally, this research identifies German artist Leni Hoffmann as a practitioner using urban intervention within a Non-Objective framework. The paper will position the practice of artist Leni Hoffmann in contrast to that of local artist group AC4CA by way of analysing the role of urban intervention within these practices. This paper argues that at present, the use of urban intervention as a creative methodology for Non-Objective art practice within Australia is merely an extension of existing studio-based practices that evades engagement with the sociopolitical facets of the urban environment.

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About the author

David Attwood is a Perth based visual artist. Attwood has exhibited his work both nationally and internationally, and was recently selected to exhibit in Hatched: National Graduate Show 2012 at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts. In 2011 Attwood was awarded a Bachelor of Arts (Art) (Honours First Class) from Curtin University where he is currently undertaking PhD studies.