What to take back to the studio?: Online Learning and Studio Teaching Post Pandemic

Tara Winters (University of Auckland)
2020 Conference

The advantages of online learning are less obvious in art and design education than in many other higher education contexts. However, our recent experience with emergency remote teaching has compelled us to more seriously consider the potential of online learning modes for studio education as we return to campus. This paper is intended as a discussion piece to stimulate further dialogue and research around the integration of online learning in art and design studio education. It presents reflection and analysis based on the authors experience of online teaching in 2020, socialised within current pedagogical research and theory. Discussion is guided by the question ‘what are the opportunities for expanded studio based teaching and learning practices to come out of our time in emergency remote teaching?’ Emerging opportunities supported by the affordances of digital technologies are identifited and explored including: new modes of communication that enhance studio discussion and debate; ways of documenting and communicating practice that extend the pedgogy of evidencing the learning journey; extending collaborative research processes through the collective management of research for creative practice.