2005 Conference

Edited by Professor Dom de Clario

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Artists, Designers and Creative Communities

Co-hosted by Edith Cowan University, University of Western Australia, Curtin University and Central TAFE

September 28-30, 2005

ACUADS offers participation to the wider art and design sector by co-ordinating a theme-based annual conference (with rotating locations throughout Australia) as part of its professional development responsibility.

The School of Contemporary Arts at Edith Cowan University in Perth hosted this year’s ACUADS Annual Conference with the collaboration of UWA, Curtin University and Central TAFE.

Refereed papers were presented during the three days of the Conference, along with workshops, performances, installations and themed exhibitions.


The theme for the 2005 conference, artists, designers and creative communities, focused on the relationship between artists, designers and communities, and its impact on art education. Papers were called for under four headings:

  • successful research initiatives
  • institutional or interdisciplinary collaboration
  • internationalization
  • teaching and assessment in the context of quality assurance.

A total of 31 abstracts were received and considered eligible for the referee process. These papers were forwarded to anonymous independent peer reviewers in related academic fields for refereeing. Following receipt of referee comments, the organising committee recommended 23 of these presentations go forward to formal presentation at the Conference. These on-line items are static and unchangeable, and published by agreement with the ACUADS Executive Committee.

All queries regarding these items should be directed to admin@acuads.com.au.

Keynote Speakers

Dr Kevin Murray Director of Craft Victoria and the South Project

Terri-Anne White UWA Associate Professor; Director of the Office for Cross-disciplinary Research

Toss Gascoigne Director CHASS, University of Canberra

ACUADS 2005 Conference
Artists, designers and creative communities
School of Contemporary Arts
Edith Cowan University
Perth, Western Australia
28-30 September 2005


BARSTOW Clive: The Bridge Between: Connecting Studio Pedagogy to the Indigenous Art Market
BLOND Simon: The Problem of Originality
: The big and the small: Community and Individualism
CROUCH Christopher & KAYE Nicola: Creativity and social capital through digital technologies in the Kwinana senior community
ELIAS Ann: Contemporary Visual Arts Education, the Moral Minority and Freedom of Expression
ELLMERS Grant: A re-examination of graphic design pedagogy, and its application at the University of Wollongong: Towards a PhD study in design education
GRIERSON Elizabeth: Art Academy and the Creative Community in a Globalised Place
HOFFERT Bernard: Designing for Terror: building security through culture
KELLY Veronika: Towards a design community: Teaching collaborative practice in design education
LANE Leonie: The Wilsons River: Personal and Public Reflection: Investigations of ‘Place’ with Visual Arts and Community Arts Outcomes
McLEAN Ian: Fine Art to the Rescue: Kuninjku modernism
NEWITT James: The In-Between: Constructing Situations of Interpretation
PHILLIPS Justy: Dog biscuits won’t save the world
PRICE Alun: Attitudes to clients or clients with attitude?
SIERRA Marie: Both kinds of Research: an example of linking ‘recognised’ research with a project-based arts practice
SMITH John: Fisherman’s Village: Cultural Heritage and a multi layered art and information strategy
TAYLOR Anne: Artists and the Community: the Ethical Face of Aesthetics
VELLA John: Monumentalities – public art and the culture of civic branding
WELCH Andrew & RUSSO Anna: Making a connection – connection makers
WHAMOND Ashley: Everyday Pixels: Snapshots and Subjectivity Online
WOODROW Ross: The Irrelevant Consumers of Culture
ZEPLIN Pamela: The ARX Experiment 1987-1999: Communities, controversy and regionality