Attitudes to clients or clients with attitude?

2005 Conference

In a society where relationships are increasingly mediated by economic and legislative measures and constraints, the relationships between clients and artists and designers need to be considered. This is highlighted in the way that organisations and groups such as the Fuel4arts community, increasingly emphasise the professional nature of the arts. This paper will use examples from research in Australia and the United Kingdom that examine the relationships between designers and clients. These relationships are sometimes difficult, balancing the needs of both parties can pose challenges for all involved. For example creative freedom can be constrained by financial considerations. For the designer/artist creative freedom can be the most important factor in their practice, however for a client, coming in on budget and market effectiveness may be more valued.

The findings of this research suggest that practitioners and educators need to consider the practitioner/client relationship as a vital element in the process of creating and to develop a more enlightened approach to the relationship.