2010 Conference


A View into the Future of Australian Art and Design Schools

1 – September 2010

ISBN: 978-0-9758360-6-4

ACUADS offers participation to the wider art and design sector by co-ordinating a theme-base*d annual conference (with rotating locations throughout Australia) as part of its professional development responsibility.

The 2010 conference was convened by the University of Tasmania through the Tasmanian School of Art and the School of Visual and Performing Arts and held at the Launceston Campus.

The 3-day program was built around the interests of those proposing papers, but was generally divided into two groups: Day 1 considered trends in teaching and learning within the creative arts sector, especially resulting from the Bradley Review in Australia’s Higher Education as its recommendations are being implemented through government and institutional policies. These included: * The ‘blurring’ of lines between VET and Higher Education creative arts offerings and the pathways between these levels; quality and learning outcome standards; * Socially inclusive education, including increased participation rates; and, * Knowledge exchange between institutions and communities; and work-integrated learning.

The recent Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) concentrated institutional effort around selection of 2003-2008 research outputs for peer review. Days 2 and 3 of the conference were built around these submissions, wherein we encouraged academics to consider submitting the most recent of these for the conference, including those which may not have taken the form of a conference presentation elsewhere. Additionally, work submitted for the 2009 ERA collection process, and current projects, were equally welcome as content for abstracts.

Research Higher Degree (Masters and Doctorates) candidates were strongly encouraged to propose papers. Additionally, three ACUADS Postgraduate Grants were made available to assist currently enrolled doctoral candidates to participate in the 2010 ACUADS conference. The ACUADS Executive Committee selected Paula Silva (UTAS), Joybelle Frasson (UTAS) and Silvia Schwenk (USyd) as the inaugural grant recipients from the full papers proposed by doctoral candidates for conference presentation. Recipients received $500, which covered the registration fee with the balance being made available to assist with travel and accommodation costs.

Refereed papers were presented during the three days of the Conference, along with workshops, performances, installations and themed exhibitions.

Refereed Papers

The refereeing process complied with accepted guidelines. Referees were chosen from the academic community and were independent experts in their chosen field. Each full and completed paper was submitted for refereeing as a ‘blind’ (unidentifiable) copy to two referees. Written comments were received from each referee for each paper. Papers requiring revision were returned to authors for the required changes. At no time were referees informed of the identities of the authors whose papers they were assessing, nor were authors informed of the referees’ identities. The Keynote papers were not subject to this process. The conference papers have been edited for consistency in presentation, and an effort has been made to ensure that all papers are free from errors.

ACUADS 2010 Conference
School of Visual & Performing Arts, University of Tasmania
Launceston, Tasmania
1 – 3 September 2010