Research, Scholarly Art Practice

Paul Lambeth
2010 Conference

There is currently much debate concerning the form and nature of postgraduate research in creative arts, particularly where studio-based practice is an integral part of the work. However, the creative areas in a University are often the only ones who offer masters and doctoral degrees by an exegesis route and as a consequence, role models and experience are lacking. This paper is a prelude to a case study of higher degree research at the Arts Academy, University of Ballarat. The case study will be an attempt at mounting a serious contribution to creative arts research using a mixed studio teaching and exegesis discussion group approach. It is founded in a belief that there is an important distinction to be made between the artist per se and the ‘artist/scholar’, a distinction which it must be said is at the heart of the current debate. This presentation is given from the perspective of a research student.

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About the author

Current positions held include; Head of Department Arts Academy in addition to Head, Arts Academy a/g. Paul’s key area of responsibility is in the management of visual and performing arts programs at the University of Ballarat. A practicing artist and educator primarily within the tertiary vocational education sector. Paul’s area of research interest is in the notion of the scholarly in practice based higher degrees.