2013 Conference

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University of New South Wales, University of Sydney, National Art School
25 – 27 September, 2013

ISBN: 978-0-9758360-9-5

The ACUADS 2013 Conference was hosted by: the College of Fine Arts, UNSW, National Art School and Sydney College of the Arts

The annual ACUADS Conference was held at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales over two days from Thursday 26 September to Friday 27 September with a pre-conference session for discipline roundtables held on Wednesday 25 September at Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney.

The International speaker was Sara Diamond (President & Vice Chancellor, Ontario College of Art & Design – OCAD University) and our local guest speakers were Djon Mundine OAM (Independent Bandjalung Art Curator),Michael Brand (Director, Art Gallery of NSW) and Tony Grybowski (Chief Executive Officer, Australia Council).

The official Conference dinner, which included the presentation of the ACUADS Awards, was held Thursday 26 September at the National Art School.

Topics explored included: The studio experience expanded The place of the studio in art and design From the technical workshop to digital fabrication labsPeer learning in and outside of institutions The easel to the bioreactor (and other unexpected places) The role of art and design schools Learning outcomes and soft skills/experience Repurposing and inhabiting used buildings / sites The Masters and internships The virtual studio and opportunities for critical reflection and discernment Professional experience and internships Creative engagements with cloud computing Creating and implementing cloud curriculum Creative Commons and Creative Education Gift economies and creativity Personal Learning Environments Gift Economy Intellectual property and copyright?

ACUADS Postgraduate Scholarships

The ACUADS Executive Committee selected three grant recipients who received $500 towards the cost of attending the Conference.

ACUADS 2013 Organising Committee

Prof Ross Harley (COFA, UNSW) Mr Graham Forsyth (COFA, UNSW) Assoc Prof Paul Thomas (COFA, UNSW) Assoc Prof Emma Robertson (COFA, UNSW) Mr Simon Cooper (National Art School)
Dr Karin Findeis (SCA, University of Sydney) Mr Nicholas Tsoutas (SCA, University of Sydney)

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ACUADS Conference Coordinators

Scott East & Kristen Bowen (COFA, UNSW)

Refereed Papers

The refereeing process complied with accepted guidelines. Referees were chosen from the academic community and were independent experts in their chosen field. Each full and completed paper was submitted for refereeing as a ‘blind’ (unidentifiable) copy to two referees. Written comments were received from each referee for each paper. Papers requiring revision were returned to authors for the required changes. At no time were referees informed of the identities of the authors whose papers they were assessing, nor were authors informed of the referees’ identities. The Keynote papers were not subject to this process. The conference papers have been edited for consistency in presentation, and an effort has been made to ensure that all papers are free from errors.


Tony Curran: Self Aesthetic: Towards an audience of one
David Eastwood: The Function of the Posthumous Studio
Terrie Fraser: The Studio: History, myth and legacy. On the changing nature of the space used by artists and the work being done there
Prue Gibson: Kiss My Edit: Experimental art writing pedagogy
Patrick McNamara: What can you say about teaching design when learning design is now so easy?
A/Prof Carlos Montana Hoyos and Dr Lisa Scharoun: Merging work-integrated learning and research-based teaching in a Masters in Design studio (A collaboration with the Australian Paralympic Committee)
Dr. Neill Overton: Death of the Art School: From studio to airport-lounge of the Id
Anthony Palmer: Chinese Typography: Long in history, short on commentary
Richard Qi Li, Mark McMahon and Hanadi Haddad: An investigation into a new aesthetics of scientific data visualisation
Sarah Robinson: Rhizome: Non-toxic printmaking from the studio to the digital cloud and back
Stephen Trathen and Soumitri Varadarajan: Archetypes of design practice
Dr Lucia Usmiani: Service: Cleaning the house on the hill