Merging work-integrated learning and research-based teaching in a Masters in Design studio (A collaboration with the Australian Paralympic Committee)

A/Prof Carlos Montana Hoyos and Dr Lisa Scharoun
2013 Conference

As part of a practice-led research project which explored the roles of design disciplines in promoting awareness and development of Paralympic sports, and in collaboration with the Australian Paralympic Committee (APC), the authors developed a project with two case studies that addressed the roles of visual culture in design for athletes with disabilities, in the context of the 2012 Paralympic Games in London. The first case study encompassed historic and visual research to produce 13 posters about Australian Paralympic history, and is discussed in more detail in other papers by the authors. The second case study involved Masters in Industrial Design (MID) students to develop design solutions for the APC’s Paralympian of the Year (POTY) award 2012 ceremony, as part of a vertical studio for year 1 and year 2 masters students. The paper discusses the implications of such a project for staff, students and collaborators, within the frameworks of work-integrated learning (WIL) and research-based teaching in a postgraduate design studio. Conclusions discuss implications of designing for Paralympians, as well as aspects of work integrated learning, research-based teaching and practice-led research, highlighting positive and negative aspects of this experience and providing guidelines for the development of future similar projects.

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About the author

Carlos Montana Hoyos is Associate Professor of Industrial Design (ID) in the University of Canberra. Born in Colombia, he has lived in Italy, Japan, Singapore and Australia. BAID from Javeriana University (Colombia). Masters and PhD in Design theory, cum laude, from Kobe Design University (Japanese Government Scholarship). Professionally, Carlos worked in-house for diverse industries in Colombia and Italy. Several of his award-winning projects have been exhibited internationally. As an academic, he taught at EAFIT University (2001-03), and the National University of Singapore (2006-10). His current research focuses on Design for Sustainability (DfS), Biomimicry, and Design for Health and Sports.
Dr Lisa Scharound is Assistant Professor and convener of Graphic Design, University of Canberra. PhD in visual communications, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University in Brisbane. Bachelor of Arts in graphic design, Florida Southern College, USA. Masters in design, University of the Arts London, Central St. Martin’s College. Lisa worked in the advertising and design industry, specializing in branding and visual identity. She was head of graphic design at Deakin University in Melbourne and also lectured at Raffles Design Institute in Shanghai, China. Her research focus is on global graphic design strategy, emotions, and value sets in visual communications and global concepts of utopia in contemporary graphic design strategy.