Wendy Fountain, Karen Hall, Kit Wise (UTAS) and Kate Tregloan (Monash)

Curricula of value – in place and in service


Flowing from a curriculum review and strategic re-direction of the School of Creative Arts from 2015 to 2017, this paper details an approach to designing ‘valuable’ degrees in the service of future-oriented, place-based concerns. The place in focus could be equally labelled ‘wicked Tasmania’ for its demographic and educational attainment challenges, or ‘design island’ for its rich traditions and cultures of making, beginning with the Aboriginal Tasmanians. Amid a phase of unprecedented creative production in Tasmania, four themes have been deemed ‘valuable’ to the island state: creative communities, creative technology, creative health, and creative industries.


In our thematic and post-disciplinary conception of curricula, once discreet disciplines are wilfully subsumed and re-oriented to intersect with ‘foreign’ disciplines such as health, science, community services and tourism, and socially-located practices outside the university. Such boundary crossing pursued via these thematics is not an end in itself; rather it is positioned in the service of the Tasmanian communities and industries with which we partner, as well as institutional goals for graduates.


Taking perspectives from curriculum design, place and cultural value, we outline the re-design of a statewide degree targeting the educational goals of Tasmania: the Bachelor of Creative Arts (BCA). We highlight the thematic underpinnings, course design principles, and dialogue between disciplinary and contextual curriculum elements. Finally, we propose that discerning and delivering value, through the critical engagement of creativity with the specifics of place, becomes the key transferable skill of our future BCA graduates.

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Wendy Fountain, Karen Hall, Kit Wise (UTAS) and Kate Tregloan (Monash):

Dr Wendy Fountain

School of Creative Arts

University of Tasmania

E: wendy.fountain@utas.edu.au

T: 0424 190 160


Over a 20 year period, Wendy has worked in design practice, design teaching and educational design, currently focusing on creative practice curriculum and research. Her doctoral design research between 2011-2014 centred on integrating housing and food systems via a living lab, drawing on resilience thinking, ecological design and practice theories. Wendy has held educational design roles in Australia, Sweden, New Zealand and the UK, and been based in Tasmania since 2008.


Dr Karen Hall

School of Creative Arts

University of Tasmania

E: karen.hall@utas.edu.au

T:0409 209 808


Dr Karen Hall is Course Coordinator of the Bachelor of Contemporary Arts and Site Coordinator for the School of Creative Arts at Inveresk, and is also a lecturer in Theory. Her research explores how the past is reimagined in the present across a range of creative disciplines: from medievalism in Victorian photography and contemporary film and television to Tasmanian convict and colonial heritage in ephemeral and site-specific contemporary art.


Professor Kit Wise

School of Creative Arts

University of Tasmania

E: kit.wise@utas.edu.au

T: 0415 843 100


Professor Kit Wise is Director and Head of the School of Creative Arts, University of Tasmania. His research focuses on approaches to and outcomes from interdisciplinary education and research. He is also an art writer, curator and practising artist.



Dr Kate Tregloan

Monash Art, Design and Architecture

Monash University

E: kate.tregloan@monash.edu

T: 0419 531 540

Dr Kate Tregloan is Associate Dean (Education) at Monash University Art Design + Architecture. Her research focuses on the intersection of qualitative and quantitative judgments influencing the production and assessment of creative work. This includes the pedagogy and exploratory activities that underpin learning, designing, and learning to design. She was the Project Lead and Chief Investigator for the Multiple Measures project.