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ACUADS Conference

Australian National University School of Art & Design

28 & 29 September 2017

Kirrily Humphries, Transparent Glazing Chart (with grisaille), 2016. Oil on oil sketch paper, 36.5 x 76 cm

Kirrily Humphries, Transparent Glazing Chart (with grisaille), 2016. Oil on oil sketch paper, 36.5 x 76 cm

Conference theme: value

Australian university art and design schools are facing increasing economic and political challenges. The visible impact of these pressures on the sector is already evident and has been widely discussed. Inevitably, the careers of younger and emerging academics will unfold in a very different environment to their older and more established colleagues. Against the backdrop of this profound change it is important to establish and declare the continuing value to Australia of art and design, and therefore the continuing value of university education and research in those disciplines. This conference explored ‘value’ in all of its manifold senses.

Keynote Speakers:

Anthea Callen, opening keynote, Thursday 28 September. For more information, please click here.

T’ai Smith, ‘Redressing value: Capital’s (and Art’s) Fashion Cycles’, Thursday evening, National Portrait Gallery. For more information, please click here.

T’ai Smith and Ann Stephen, discussed issues raised by Smith’s book Bauhaus Weaving Theory: From Feminine Craft to Mode of Design (2014), Friday 29 September. For more information click here.

Closing remarks by Scott Brook, Friday 29 September- for more information, please click here.






Prof Denise Ferris

Dr Geoff Hinchcliffe

Ruth Waller

Dr Martyn Jolly

Kit Devine

Alex Burchmore



All the papers published here were subject to a process of double-blind peer review at both abstract (acceptance) and final paper stage (publication). Abstracts were revised and resubmitted following an initial stage of peer review. Final papers were reviewed by their authors subsequent to a further final stage of peer review. The papers were then subject to minor editing to ensure they are as free of errors as possible and that they consistently comply with the conference style guide.


Cameron Bishop & David Cross (Deakin University): Public Art and Resilience
Barbara Bolt (UoM), Kate MacNeill (UoM), Megan McPherson (UoM), Pia Ednie-Brown (RMIT), Estelle Barrett (Deakin University), Carole Wilson (FUA), Sarah Miller (UoW) and Marie Sierra (UNSW): What is ‘Value’ When Aesthetics Meets Ethics Inside and Outside of The Academy
Jane Connory (Monash University): Anonymity: measuring the visibility of women in design awards
David Costello (ANU): Colour. Destroys. Everything.
Elisa Crossing (ANU): Exquisite Corpse: A contemporary marriage of art and anatomy
Kate Daw and David Sequeira (University of Melbourne): Access = Value
Michael Edwards (ANU): Measuring the Value of Art: Towards an Arts Industry Satellite Account
Ben Ennis Butler (UC): Added Value: new interfaces for cultural collections
Ashley Eriksmoen and Niklavs Rubenis (ANU): Hold Everything: central theme of ‘the vessel’ provides a trans-disciplinary conceptual context and an interdisciplinary approach across contemporary craft studios
Elisabeth Findlay (Griffith University): A Fragile Equilibrium: Undergraduate Art Education and the University
Wendy Fountain, Karen Hall, Kit Wise (UTAS) and Kate Tregloan (Monash): Curricula of value – in place and in service
Joe Frost (National Art School): For all time: past, present and future in the consciousness of the studio artist.
Stuart Gluth (Charles Darwin University): Recontextualizing Design Education for Aboriginal Students from Remote Communities as a Strategy to Overcome Their Perceived Estrangement with University Education
Neil Haddon, Toby Juliff, Wendy Fountain, and Maria Kunda (UTAS): After you have gone: Un-disciplined knowledge and new value/s, one year on
Lawrence Harvey, Gregory More, David Forrest, Margaret Trail, Louise Godwin, Sam McGilp (RMIT University): The Value Chamber: Performance and digital iterations across art, design and education
Annie House (Deakin University): Promoting Information Accessibility through Visual Communication Design: Some implications for current practitioners.
Toby Juliff, Megan Keating, Helen Norrie, Zoe Veness, and Svenia J. Kratz (UTAS): Praxis Now: Frayling’s ‘Research in Art and Design’ 24 years on
Meghan Kelly and Russell Kennedy (Deakin University): The Australian Indigenous Design Charter: A ten-step best practice protocol document essential for design educators and practitioners
Hannah Korsmeyer and Allison Edwards (Monash University): Tangible Thinking: the impact value of oblique co-design & tacit knowledge
Kate McEntee and Lisa Grocott (Monash University): Transforming Mindsets: Intrapersonal Skills and the Becoming of a Designer
Carlos Alberto Montana-Hoyos (UC) and Camilo Potocnjak-Oxman: Innovation is not only STEM! The value of strategic and entrepreneurial approaches in Art and Design Education
Milica Muminović and Carlos Alberto Montana-Hoyos (UC): Is there still value in teaching multidisciplinary basic design studios based on experimentation with materials?
Al Munro and Erica Seccombe (ANU): Getting past the basics: strategies for fostering valuable learning in studio-based higher education settings with mixed experience student cohorts.
Samantha Pekaar (ECU) and Hanadi Haddad: Valuing users of Needle Syringe Exchange programs: Design approaches within the healthcare sector
Fanke Peng and Lisa Scharoun (UC): Fostering Creative Competency and Value between China and Australia via Multi-Disciplinary and Cross-Cultural Design Workshops
William Platz (Griffith University): Re-Forming Foundations: Exposure, Infection and Confection
Alun Price and Stuart Medley (ECU): The value of images: using pictures and words to enhance intercultural and international communication
Lisa Scharoun and Carlos Alberto Montana-Hoyos (UC): The Value of Co-Design across cultures: engaging students to solve the ‘wicked problems’ of the 21st century
Lisa Scharoun, Stephen Trathen, and Gudur Raghavendra Reddy (Raghu) (UC): Educating the New Wave of Designers
Peter Thiedeke (Griffith University): Hidden value in remixed and convergent media in the applied arts and design
Russell Thom, Christopher Kueh, and Hanadi Haddad (ECU): Design of Value and Value of Design: The roles of strategic design in (traditionally) non-design disciplines
Ruth Waller (ANU): The price of bananas: a painter’s perspective
Oliver Watts (SCA): Artists in colleges: 60th anniversary revisiting of Ben Shahn’s, The Charles Eliot Norton Lecture, 1957
Elise M Whetter (Federation University): Historical regard: how tertiary art and design education were valued in the early twentieth century
Laura Woodward (University of Melbourne): Calling Percy—a model for developing value-rich parallel pedagogical and studio research projects that result in significant cultural outcomes