Digital Visualisation in University Teaching and Research


This paper considers the University of Sydney’s 2 – 3D Visualisation project that has been building models of digital visualisation to be used as a tool for the development, analysis and communication of ideas in the research, teaching and learning environments. It will also examine generic and discipline specific applications of virtual visualisation in a range of undergraduate and research programs and goes on to detail integration with more traditional forms of idea development and communication.

Despite the rise of visual literacy as a major means of communication, reflection, idea generation and analysis, we find that most areas of scholarship and most of the universities across the world have yet to consider digital visualisation as part of their curriculum. At the University of Sydney, the 2 – 3D Visualisation project already is piloting this concept and digital visualisation is to be incorporated into a number of undergraduate and research areas in 2004 with further expansion in 2005.

SPEIRS Andrew: