Integrated Learning Design: Design Theory versus Technology in Graphic Design


Do we want to create designers, or technologists who think they are designers? Desktop publishing programs gives the operator permission to call themselves graphic designers. The paper outlines an investigation into the need to integrate design theory and the learning of new graphic design software programs.

Since the 1980s we have seen a change in design theory, design practice and design training, influenced by design education within the university context, a dramatic increase in student numbers, the growth of design as a preferred profession, and new technologies. Visual concepts are the starting point for all design, they are a way of visually describing an idea. The incorrect use of technology is producing poor design.

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Dawn Porritt is a lecturer in Graphic Design at the University of Canberra. She is currently studying for Master of Environmental Design. Dawn Porritt was previously a partner in a Graphic Design consultancy and a teacher in visual art, at secondary and tertiary levels.

Bob Miller has a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts (Photography). He is a Lecturer in Photography in Graphic Design, University of Canberra. Bob has expertise in digital and traditional photography and the interplay between graphic design and image making. The synergy found within this interplay provides the foundation for his teaching of photo imaging to students. He a member of the AIPP, and is a practicing professional photographer. He has won numerous local, State and National awards for Photography.