ACUADS AGM (28 September 2007)

Posted on September 28, 2007

Posted on 28 Sep 2007

The ACUADS AGM was held on 28 September 2007 at the Elwyn Lynn Conference Centre, COFA, University of New South Wales, Sydney.

Annual Subscription Policy Review

The Chair invited the Deputy Chair, Noel Frankham, to speak to the tabled paper. Professor Frankham noted that the Membership list attached showed that membership had remained almost constant for the current year and noted that, with the many organisational structural changes, a change in the membership formula was proposed in accordance with the Association’s rules. Following discussion, the meeting endorsed the proposal.

The Deputy Chair then asked the meeting to endorse a 10% increase in membership fees for next year in line with the current policy, adopted at the 2004 Conference, that subscriptions should be indexed annually. The meeting endorsed the membership fee increase, which makes the fee schedule for 2007/2008 (GST included) as follows:

  • Under 250 EFTSL ($693) = $762
  • Under 1000 EFTSL ($980) = $1,078
  • Over 1000 EFTSL ($1,155) = $1,271

Chair’s Report

The Chair, Su Baker, thanked Ian Howard, COFA and Colin Rhodes, Sydney College of the Arts, as co-hosts of the ACUADS 2007 Conference.

The Chair also thanked the Executive Committee, which has met regularly since being elected at the Melbourne AGM and noted that savings had been made by having some meetings by telephone.

She thanked the Executive Officer, Kay Morrissey and the Web Mistress, Kirsten Muir for their contribution to the organization.

Su Baker acknowledged the contribution made to ACUADS by the retiring member, Robyn Stewart and the meeting endorsed a vote of thanks to Robyn Stewart.

Su Baker also noted the retirement of both Noel Frankham and Kay Lawrence whose terms had expired, but noted that Noel Frankham had renominated and that Kay Lawrence would be co-opted to the Executive for one year as host of the 2008 Conference.

The Chair reported that ACUADS principal area of discussion and involvement over the past year had been the Research Quality Framework (RQF). She noted that the revised project grant application with the Carrick Institute would be pursued.

Treasurer’s Report

– Independent Audit Report

The Treasurer, Domenico de Clario, asked the Executive Officer, Kay Morrissey, to comment on the Independent Audit Report and Statement of Financial Performance 2006/7, which had been handled by Melbourne auditor, Rod Hutton of UHY Haines. The meeting noted that ACUADS had received an unqualified audit clearance and had ended the year with a deficit of $3,095 compared to $1,907 in the previous year. She pointed out that two membership fees had not been received at the time of the audit, although they may since have been paid. The auditor’s report was accepted by the membership.

– Yearly Comparison Statement of Financial Performance 2006/7

The meeting noted the Yearly Comparison Statement and that the figures are based on a financial year, unlike previous years.

Election of Executive

– Appointment of Returning Officer

Professor Kay Lawrence was appointed as Returning Officer together with the Executive Officer, Kay Morrissey.

The meeting noted that four nominations had been received for the three vacancies on the ACUADS Executive Committee. This being the case, ballot papers were circulated and an election held with the following duly elected:

  • Associate Professor Lyndon Anderson
  • Associate Professor Clive Barstow
  • Professor Noel Frankham

The newly elected members will join the continuing members, each due to retire at the next AGM:

  • Associate Professor Su Baker
  • Associate Professor Domenico de Clario
  • Mr Julian Goddard
* Professor Elizabeth Grierson
  • Professor Ian Howard

The Executive agreed to meet immediately following the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting so that office bearers may be elected.

ACUADS Annual Conference 2008 – Adelaide

The meeting noted that the next conference will be held in Adelaide in 2008, with Brisbane in 2009. The dates of the Adelaide Conference are to be confirmed at the next Executive meeting.

RQF Working Group

Domenico de Clario spoke of discussions held with colleagues and that they had identified a need for a Working Group which can facilitate communications with Su Baker over the next six months. The meeting agreed that, based on the paper presented the previous day by Professor Su Rowley, there appeared to be wide scope for interpretation by the various panels. The meeting agreed to establish such a Working Group and noted that people could contact Domenico de Clario direct.

Australian Art and Design Educators

Graham Forsyth spoke to his tabled paper re the establishment of this group. He noted that the group was the underpinning for the recent very successful National Forum on Studio Teaching held at COFA in July 2007.

He raised for discussion the proposal that this learning and teaching group be affiliated with ACUADS and that ACUADS consider:

  • Endorsing the group
  • Supporting the group as it brings together leaders in art and design education with a specific focus on sustaining and enhancing ACUADS’s aim of promoting quality professional education.

The meeting discussed the proposal and agreed to in-principle support and asked that the proposal be included on the next Executive agenda when further discussion will be held.

Research – ACUADS Web Site

The meeting endorsed a proposal made by Noel Frankham that ACUADS publish on its web site refereed papers from relevant conferences and symposia as a service to members. The ACUADS executive would review each proposal for publication to verify that appropriate academic referencing had been used by conference organisers so that the resultant papers met DEST standards.

The next Annual General Meeting to be held in Adelaide, 2008, with the date to be confirmed.