ACUADS Executive Meeting (1 Dec 2008)

Posted on 01 Dec 2008

Business Arising

2007 Sydney Conference: Parallel Papers Refereeing

The meeting discussed the problem of completing the refereeing of papers from the Sydney Conference in 2007 and resolved to refer the matter to Professor Howard with the offer of some assistance from ACUADS in the hope that the process could be completed as soon as possible.

Executive Membership

Professor Frankham explained that there had been a miscalculation on the number of vacancies on the Executive because the Immediate Past Chair continues on the Executive as a formal member (not ex-officio) for one year, but without facing election.

Following discussion the meeting agreed that to correct this anomaly, Associate Professor Baker be granted two months leave of absence to January 31, 2009 after which the position would be reviewed.

Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) Update

Associate Professor Su Baker, a member of the Indicator Development Group, reported on progress to date.  She advised that the process is now complete and that while the various committees remain until June 2009, the final report has gone to the Chair and public consultations will occur from mid December.  The meeting agreed that ACUADS will make a formal response once comments are invited.

Brisbane Conference: 30 September – 2 October 2009

Professor Paul Cleveland reported that they would be the host institution and that planning had commenced and that they would appoint an administrator.  The agreed dates are 30 September, 1 October, 2 October.

The meeting confirmed that the over-arching theme would be Interventions in the Public Domainand perhaps with sub-themes, one of which could be Trends in Teaching and Learning.

Various other proposals were discussed: profile successful ARC projects and perhaps invite a presenter from the ARC; perhaps less than two days on parallel papers; link call for papers around theme; include panel sessions; leave some space for discussion of issues which arise during conference; include co-ordinators for: honours, coursework postgraduate, research higher degree (MFA and PhD), first year undergraduate, etc.

Possible sub-themes identified were:

Industry and commercial engagement 
* Learning and Teaching
  • Research
  • Political strategic issues

Treasurer’s Report

The meeting noted the Report and agreed to ratify the expenditure. The meeting was also advised that membership invoices had been sent and that the audit report has now been presented to the ACT Registrar General by our Public Officer, Professor David Williams.

ALTC Project Progress Report

The Project Manager, Giselle Kett, distributed a summary of the project plan and progress to November 30th. A copy of the Progress Report submitted to ALTC in July was also distributed to new Executive members to provide background material on the earlier stages of the project.

The main activities currently being undertaken are data collection and analysis; and a review of progress to date to inform planning for the remainder of the project, such as the possibility of further roundtable events. Interviews with PG Coordinators from a sample of institutions drawn from each state and territory are currently being conducted.

Over half of the PG Coordinator interviews have been conducted and the remainder will be conducted over the next three weeks. Several focus groups with current PhD candidates have been conducted in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, and further focus groups with students may be conducted in February. Additional interview questions were suggested relating to the number of APA scholarships received by institutions interviewed, and if the structure of a school included a separate graduate studies section.

Updating the project members’ page of the web site was discussed together with access to examples of theses and identification of high quality theses by the Executive.  Professor Frankham suggested that the Executive could possibly nominate examples of best practice theses from their institutions and which are available electronically.

The final project report required by the ALTC was discussed and a report available on The Australasian Council of Deans of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (DASSH) web site was identified as a possible model for both the Creative Arts PhD ALTC project and the Studio Teaching ALTC Project:

Associate Professor Su Baker advised that with the final report due 31 March, a  second Roundtable would be held at the Sydney College of the Arts, organised by Professor Brad Buckley, together with Focus Groups in both Sydney and Melbourne.  The meeting noted that it is planned to apply for a second year of funding.

Australian Academy/Council of the Creative Arts

Associate Professor Su Baker advised that she would circulate the latest draft for discussion and comment.  The Executive discussed the pros and cons of the title ‘Academy’ versus ‘Council’ and agreed that failing government funding support, limited contributions would enable a committee to be formed, web site established and regular meetings to be held.  The meeting noted that the sector’s peak groups are very supportive and are willing to contribute financially.

Any Other Business

Executive Committee Resignation

The Treasurer, Associate Professor Domenico de Clario, advised the meeting that he had resigned from Monash as from 31 January and therefore would need to resign from the Executive, which will leave the position of Treasurer vacant.  The members thanked him for his contribution to the Executive and wished him well.

The meeting then agreed that Professor Elizabeth Grierson be appointed Acting Treasurer from 1 February, pending discussion at the February Executive meeting.

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