ACUADS Executive Meeting 12 December 2005

Posted on December 12, 2005

Posted on 12 Dec 2005

The ACUADS Executive Meeting held at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne on 12 December 2005 considered the following items:

Executive Membership
Following discussion, the meeting noted that as there were a number of organisational changes occurring in some states, the decision on an eighth member of the Executive would be deferred until the March Executive.

DEST: Update Reseach Project: Strand Report
It was agreed to approach CHASS with this proposal.

CNZ Report: Professor Elizabeth Grierson
The meeting considered Professor Grierson’s advice noting that representatives of the group of four New Zealand Art and Design Schools will attend the ACUADS Melbourne conference.

DASSH Group Application: Art/Museum Collections
Professor Williams reported that the Dean of the ANU Faculty of Arts has been elected Chair of this group, which now also includes New Zealand (DASSHNZ) and that the project has still to be considered.

web site Presentation – Ms. Kirsten Muir, IT Consultant
Ms.Muir presented the updated web site on a wall screen and outlined the various changes to content and format. Members were very supportive of the changes and noted the impressive web site usage statistics. The meeting agreed the web site was a valuable information, research and archive centre.

It was agreed that the web site should reflect both the past and the future and therefore Professor Williams’ proposed paper on ACUADS’ 25th Anniversary should be included and that the Constitution be added with restricted access.

Treasurer’s Report
The Treasurer, Professor Williams, tabled the current account summary and noted that the financial position was good. He noted that Members’ travel claims should be submitted as soon as possible so that the accounts always reflect the actual current position.

Associate Professor De Clario advised that he would forward the final report on the 2005 Perth Conference as soon as possible and noted that the financial position was positive as they had achieved a small profit.

Annual Conference: Melbourne, September 2006
The Chair, Associate Professor Su Baker, reported that she had had preliminary discussions with both Professors Hoffert (Monash) and Grierson (RMIT) who are co-hosts with the Victorian College of the Arts, of the 2006 Conference.

The meeting discussed timing and noted the possible dates as 27–29 September 2006.

Professor Hoffert advised that it had been agreed that the conference would focus on Research and that the over-arching theme would be Shaping the Future with papers having an emphasis on forward thinking. Associate Professor Baker noted that there would be an emphasis on higher degrees by research scheduling parallel sessions as necessary on days two and three with the pre-conference (Wednesday) addressing broader issues. It was agreed that a tentative program would be written and presented to the Executive for comment at the March 2006 meeting.

The meeting discussed a list of possible Keynote Speakers to be approached once the program was settled.

ACUADS 25th Anniversary
The meeting agreed that the proposal of Professor Williams to present a paper commemorating the 25th anniversary of ACUADS as part of the 2006 Conference program should be accepted. It was also agreed that all former Fellowship recipients should be invited to attend.

Annual Conference, Perth, 2005
The meeting commended Associate Professors De Clario and Baker in having the conference papers posted on the ACUADS web site so quickly. It was agreed that the Keynote papers should be published also and biographical details included.

Visual Art & Design Metrics – Research Quality Framework
The meeting discussed whether they should be contributing to the formulation of appropriate metrics. The Executive understands that the assessment panels have been formed, but the composition of the panels at this stage was unknown.

Possible Projects – arising from Perth Conference
The meeting discussed various research projects currently underway: Professor Noel Frankham’s Current State of Art & Design Schools and Australia Council’s The Creative Innovation Strategy. Professor Williams tabled a copy of the Australia Council paper as well as the Agenda for the Planning Group Meeting, which is CHASS’ Third Research Project: The Relationships between the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences and the Science, Technology, Engineering and Medical Sectors.

Proposed ACUADS Policies
The Chair advised the meeting that this paper had been prepared for inclusion on the ACUADS web site and invited Executive Members to forward comments for consideration at the March Executive meeting.

Associate Membership of ACUADS
The meeting discussed Associate Membership which is defined in the Constitution, but not yet included on the web site. It was agreed that the definition should now be added to the web site and that a policy be adopted setting the rate at 30% of the lowest membership group: Under 250 EFTSU – currently set at $654.50. The fee therefore would be $196.35 for 2005/6.

Peak Arts Group Meeting, 2 March 2006
Professor Williams informed the meeting that this second meeting of the peak arts groups, to be held in Adelaide, had arisen from the initial meeting held at the Victorian College of the Arts 10-11 October 2005.