ACUADS Executive Meeting (13 Feb 2009)

Posted on 13 Feb 2009

Business Arising

Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) Update

The meeting noted that ACUADS has made a formal response to the Draft Guidelines and asked that a copy be forwarded to the Heads of School for their information and dissemination.

The meeting discussed the increased workload for art schools, which is an outcome of the ERA data collection process, but agreed that the process will educate the sector on the nature of art.  Associate Professor Baker noted that the Group of 8 Universities had lodged a formal critical response of the Draft Guidelines, and that the Guidelines to Universities are currently being drafted.

The meeting agreed another difficulty for art schools was identifying the correct code when analysing data, but agreed that the onus is on the arts to make it work and that a positive outcome of the process is that it will improve the position of art schools within their universities.

Executive Membership

Professor Frankham noted that Associate Professor Baker has returned from two months leave of absence and that as of 31 January, 2009, Associate Professor Dom de Clario was no longer a member of the Executive Committee.

Brisbane Conference: 30 September – 2 October 2009

Professor Paul Cleveland advised they had now employed an administrator, Marie Gehde

Australian Academy/Council of the Creative Arts

Associate Professor  Su Baker reported on the meeting held 13 February and advised that five Peak Groups, together with the President and Director of CHASS, and some members of the Executive were present. The meeting was advised that CHASS was very supportive of the proposal and they, together with other attendees, suggested some changes to the outline presented. The meeting agreed to form a Steering Committee and identified possible groups to be represented and that a Statement of Intent should be immediately forwarded to CHASS so that it could be considered at their forthcoming meeting February 23 thus allowing the Steering Committee more time to apply for seed funding so that they may evolve the form of the organisation.

CHASS Membership Upgrade

Associate Professor Su Baker spoke to the tabled papers and suggested that ACUADS upgrade its membership from Level 3 to Level 1 so that we may better promote the Arts Academy proposal.  She noted that this would be at a pro rata amount for the remaining four months less the sum already paid.

The meeting discussed this proposal and agreed to join at Level One for the remainder of this year and to put the proposal to the next AGM that we remain a Level One member for the following financial year given that ACUADS is the lead agency in trying to establish an arts academy.

Any Other Business

2007 Conference Publication

Professor Ian Howard advised that they had copies of the Research Publication left over from the 2007 Conference.  The Executive subsequently agreed that an email should be sent to all School Heads (for distribution to their Advisory Committees/students)  advising that they may have a box of publications for the cost of the freight.

Venice Biennale

Professor Howard advised the meeting that as Shaun Gladwell is the Australian Venice Biennale representative, COFA has taken a three bedroom apartment for the month of June and is inviting Art School representatives to stay.

Support Letter for Swinburne

The meeting considered the tabled documents and agreed that ACUADS would support their ALTC Grant Application.

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