ACUADS Executive Meeting 29 September 2006

Posted on 29 Sep 2006

The ACUADS Executive meeting held at the Caulfield Campus, Monash University, Melbourne considered the following agenda items:

New Executive Members
Outgoing Chair, Su Baker, congratulated the newly elected Executive members and noted the make-up of the new Executive as follows:

Su Baker, VCA to retire September 2008 Domenico De Clario, Monash to retire September 2008 Julian Goddard, Curtin to retire September 2008 Ian Howard, COFA to retire September 2008 Elizabeth Grierson, RMIT to retire September 2008

Noel Frankham, UTas to retire September 2007 Kay Lawrence, UniSA to retire September 2007 Robyn Stewart, USQ to retire September 2007

Election of Office Bearers
All positions were declared vacant and the following were elected: * Su Baker, Chair * Noel Frankham, Deputy Chair * Kay Lawrence, Secretary.

The position of Treasurer was left vacant, pending investigation of how best to establish the system, now that the long-serving Treasurer, Professor David Williams, has retired.

The meeting noted and thanked Professor David Williams for agreeing to retain the position of Public Officer.

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