ACUADS Executive Telephone Meeting 11 December 2006

Posted on December 11, 2006

Posted on 11 Dec 2006

The ACUADS Executive telephone meeting held on 11 December considered the following agenda items:

Election of Treasurer
The Chair advised the meeting that Associate Professor Domenico de Clario had accepted the position of Treasurer.

Treasurer’s Report
The Treasurer, Domenico de Clario, invited the Executive Officer to report on the handover of papers from Canberra and changes in procedures. The meeting noted the cheque signatories were now the new Treasurer together with the Chair.

The meeting considered the Treasurer’s Report and agreed to ratify expenditure items since the last meeting and to accept the amended procedures as presented in the agenda papers.

Research Quality Framework (RQF)
The meeting noted that universities had been invited to put forward names for the panels and that composition of these panels should be known in September 2006.

The meeting noted that the CHASS Workshop to be held in Brisbane, Tuesday 27 February, provided an opportunity for further discussion and it was agreed that an Executive meeting should be organised to coincide.

Carrick Institute Grant: Connected 2007, International Conference on Design Education – Sydney 9-12 July 2007
Associate Dean (Academic) Graham Forsyth, COFA, reported on progress on Connected 2007, International Conference on Design Education for which Carrick has provided funding. The meeting noted that the conference will be held in Sydney 9-12 July 2007.