ACUADS Executive Telephone Meeting (16 August 2007)

Posted on August 16, 2007

Posted on 16 Aug 2007

Review of Membership Formula

The meeting agreed to recommend to the AGM:

  • Retention of a three tier membership rate based on the same EFTSL cut-offs:

Under 250 EFTSL
Under 1000 EFTSL
Over 1000 EFTSL

  • Offer Institutions the ability to take out membership through individual schools that fulfil ACUADS’ eligibility requirements (fee to be determined by EFTSL) or to aggregate students (EFTSL) across schools and departments within the art and design discipline areas to determine the appropriate fee. Institutions with more than 1,000 art and design students may take out two memberships; however, no institution may have more than two memberships. Each membership would have voting rights (one per membership).
  • Increase fees by 10% on the 2007 rates in line with the current policy, adopted at the 2004 Conference, that subscriptions should be indexed annually. This would make the fee schedule for 2007/2008 (GST included) as follows:

Under 250 EFTSL ($693) = $762 (rounded)
Under 1000 EFTSL ($980) = $1,078 (rounded)
Over 1000 EFTSL ($1,155) = $1,271 (rounded)

Carrick Institute Application

The Chair advised the meeting that an application has been made to the Carrick Institute by ACUADS under the Discipline-Based Initiatives Scheme entitled: Future-Proofing the Creative Arts in Higher Education: Scoping for Quality in Tertiary Creative Arts Learning, Teaching, and Research Training.

Annual Conference: Sydney, 26-28 September 2007

Professor Ian Howard reported that they had received submissions in the Research (level 1) area for the publication and that arrangements were now being made to print the publication in time for distribution at the Conference.

Professor Howard advised that papers had been received for the parallel sessions (level 2) and that the papers would be refereed post-conference for publication on the ACUADS web site.


The meeting discussed nominations for the Executive noting that three members were due to retire: Associate Professor Robyn Stewart advised that she would not be re-nominating as she was retiring from the university; Professor Kay Lawrence advised that she would be stepping down as Head of School at the end of 2008 and therefore ineligible to renominate; however, the meeting noted that as Convenor of the 2008 ACUADS Conference, she was eligible to be co-opted to the Executive for the year.

Research Quality Framework (RQF)

The Chair invited comment on the Research Quality Framework Draft Panel-Specific Requirementsso that she, as Chair of ACUADS, might respond on behalf of the Council.