ACUADS Executive Telephone Meeting 3 August 2006

Posted on August 3, 2006

Posted on 03 Aug 2006

The ACUADS Executive telephone meeting held on 3 August considered the following agenda items:

Executive Membership
The meeting noted various changes to membership of the Executive: * Associate Professor Domenico de Clario announced he has resigned as ECU Head of School and is moving to Monash University in May * Professor David Williams has resigned as ANU Head of School as he is retiring * Professor Bernard Hoffert announced his resignation as he is no longer Head of School at Monash, although his term of office doesn’t expire until 2007. The meeting agreed that all three should remain on the Executive until the AGM and that in the meantime, Associate Professor Clive Barstow, of ECU, be co-opted as a Member until the AGM.

The meeting summarised the total forthcoming membership changes at the 29 September AGM when there will be five vacancies, noting that the terms of Professor Noel Frankham (Deputy Chair), Professor Kay Lawrence and Associate Professor Robyn Stewart, do not expire until 2007: * two members’ terms of office will expire: Associate Professor Su Baker and Associate Professor Domenico de Clario * Professor David Williams’ resignation, as above, becomes effective * Professor Bernard Hoffert’s resignation, as above, becomes effective * One vacancy.

The meeting agreed that in calling for nominations, geographic spread and gender balance should be considered.

Visual Art & Design Metrics – Research Quality Framework (RQF)
The Chair reported that at the end of August, there will be a report as the two committees will have held their final meetings and reported to the Minister by 30 August.

Visual & Performing Arts Workshop, 26 September 2006
Professor Williams spoke to his outline of the Workshop, which he is organising for Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (CHASS) noting that the program and speakers have yet to be finalised.

ACUADS Subscription Rates 2006/2007
The meeting noted the Treasurer’s comments from the previous Executive on whether there should be a greater increase than the normal 5% subscription rate. The meeting decided to consider the matter at the AGM.

Annual Conference: Melbourne, 27-29 September 2006
The meeting agreed that a communiqué should be issued at the end of the Conference and in discussing the Draft Program, agreed some follow-up action and changes to the Program as presented.

The Refereeing timetable was discussed and the meeting noted that the refereeing refers to publication, not presentation of papers at the Conference.

The meeting noted the names of the two nominees for a Teaching and Research Award and deputised the Chair to make the final decision.

Treasurer’s Report
The meeting considered the Treasurer’s Report noting the expenditure items and credit balance and that there are still some outstanding membership subscriptions and agreed to ratify the accounts.

DEST Reseach Project: Update Strand Report
Professor Williams advised the meeting that further to the Executive’s agreement that an update of the Strand Report was desirable, he is organising an update with CHASS as auspicing organisation and the Victorian College of the Arts as host.

Art & Design Education Resource Guide (ADERG)
The Chair advised the meeting that ACUADS had again accepted a free full page ad in the forthcoming edition, due out mid- to late August.

Shanghai Biennale – Design Education Article
Professor Williams spoke to the paper, requesting an article on Australian Design Education to be included in the Biennale hand-out publication. The meeting noted the lateness of the request and agreed to contact a possible contributor.