Policy Forum Pod: Unmuting the Muses

Policy Forum Pod: Unmuting the Muses (Podcast episode)

18 September 2020

Prof Kim Cunio (Head of the ANU School of Music) and Prof Clive Barstow (DDCA Chair & Executive Dean of Arts & Humanities at ECU) joined ACUADS Chair Prof Denise Ferris (Head of the ANU School of Art & Design) to discuss the value of Australia’s arts sector and what policymakers can do to support artists in their time of need.

They are the people society turns to in times of crisis to provide an entertaining distraction or salve, but the coronavirus crisis has left many in Australia’s already vulnerable arts sector on the brink. So what can policymakers do to ensure Australian artists are appropriately valued? How can the sector reorganise to give itself the most effective possible political voice? And does Australia need a Chief Artist as well as a Chief Scientist? 

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