2017 Conference

ACUADS Conference

Australian National University School of Art & Design

28 & 29 September 2017

Kirrily Humphries, Transparent Glazing Chart (with grisaille), 2016. Oil on oil sketch paper, 36.5 x 76 cm

Kirrily Humphries, Transparent Glazing Chart (with grisaille), 2016. Oil on oil sketch paper, 36.5 x 76 cm

Conference theme: value

Australian university art and design schools are facing increasing economic and political challenges. The visible impact of these pressures on the sector is already evident and has been widely discussed. Inevitably, the careers of younger and emerging academics will unfold in a very different environment to their older and more established colleagues. Against the backdrop of this profound change it is important to establish and declare the continuing value to Australia of art and design, and therefore the continuing value of university education and research in those disciplines. This conference will explore ‘value’ in all of its manifold senses.

Keynote Speakers:

Anthea Callen, opening keynote, 9:15-10:45am, Thursday 28 September. For more information, please click here.

T’ai Smith, ‘Redressing value: Capital’s (and Art’s) Fashion Cycles’, Thursday evening, National Portrait Gallery. For more information, please click here.

T’ai Smith and Ann Stephen, discussing issues raised by Smith’s book Bauhaus Weaving Theory: From Feminine Craft to Mode of Design (2014), 9.15-10.45am Friday 29 September. For more information click here.

Closing remarks by Scott Brook, 3.45-4.30pm Friday 29 September- for more information, please click here.





Roundtable 1: Design & Value | Thursday 28 September, 4-5pm

Chair: Katherine Moline, Associate Dean Research Training, UNSW Art & Design Sydney

Participants: Lisa Grocott, Head of Design, Monash University, “The value of the contribution of design research within interdisciplinary collaborations in an impact and engagement driven agenda”

Michelle Douglas, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, “The social, political and cultural misunderstanding of design (education and practice)”

Dean Brough, Academic Program Director, Senior Fashion Studio Lecturer, QUT School of Design, Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology, “An ethical framework for design-led value creation at QUT’s School of Design”

Roundtable 2: Visual Arts | Thursday 28 September, 4-5pm

Chair: Professor Susan Best, Deputy Director (Postgraduate and Research) and Director, Griffith Centre for Creative Arts Research, Griffith University, QLD

Participants: Charles Robb, Lecturer, Creative Industries Faculty, School of Creative Practice, Visual Arts

Dr Oliver Watts, Lecturer, Sydney College of the Arts

Professor Barbara Bolt, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University

Associate Professor Ruth Waller, Head of Painting, ANU School of Art & Design


Call for papers

In these challenging economic and political times, establishing the value of art and design, and therefore the value of university education and research in those disciplines, is more urgent than ever before. Papers are invited that address the theme of ‘value’ in all its aspects.

Art and design have already laid claim to public VALUE through ideas such as creative industry, social capital and technological innovation – but how do we continue to promote that value in an increasingly conservative and short term economic context?

Can we expand on these economically based notions of value? Can either shared symbolic, environmental, spiritual, ethical or political VALUES, or intrinsically aesthetic values, be added directly to public debates around the importance of art and design for Australia? Should these non-instrumental values be more directly addressed in art and design research and education?

We all know that the products of art and design are VALUABLE, they are regarded as amenities to our social environment, assets for our public collections, sources of personal pleasure and repositories of private wealth. Can the valuableness of our art and design be counted, weighed and protected in more complex ways than monetary worth or attendance figures?

In the competition for resources in the art and design sector EVALUATION is crucial. Can our systems of measuring and ranking be better fitted to art and design beyond, for instance, measures of excellence or impact?

We invite papers that consider new configurations of value in art and design research and education.

Abstracts were due 5pm Monday 5 June. 



Abstract submissions should comprise 2 pages as follows:

1)    Coversheet: Paper title, author, affiliation, phone, email and  brief biographical details (100 words).

Please indicate if you are willing to act as a referee of abstracts and whether you wish to have the paper refereed.

Please indicate if you are eligible for a Postgraduate Scholarship (see below).

2)    Abstract: Paper title, 250 words, up to 5 keywords.

Please submit to: Alexander.Burchmore@anu.edu.au



Accepted papers that are nominated for refereeing will be submitted to the Conference organisers for ‘double-blind’ peer review. Papers that successfully undergo the double-blind refereeing process will be published on the conference website.


Cover Sheet

Provide a cover sheet with paper title, author, affiliation, phone, email and brief biographical details (100 words).


Preparation of Papers

Please note the following requirements:

For blind peer review, remove author’s name and affiliation

Papers should not be more than 3000 words

Text 11 point, Arial, 1.5 spaced with headings in bold

Use single quotes, double within quotes

Submit in .doc or .docx format only



Insert in-text, maximum 15cm high or wide

Convert tables and diagrams into images

Refer to as Figure 1, Figure 2, etc

Figure captions 11 point, Arial, 1.5 spaced

Total file size should be <2MB

Authors are responsible for obtaining copyright clearance for all materials



Harvard system (e.g. Smith and Brown, 2000)

References by the same author should be differentiated by the suffices (a) (b) etc.

Article or paper titles shown in single quotes

Provide a full list of References at the conclusion of the paper, starting on a new page, text 11 point, Arial, 1.5 spaced with author’s surnames in capitals


Refereeing Guidelines

All papers are read first by the Conference convenor, then sent to two referees (‘blind’ peer reviews), who will complete a referee report and make suggestions regarding suitability for the conference publication, editing, reworking or development of the paper.

The recommendations will be forwarded to the writer for attention before the paper is finally accepted for the conference publication.



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Conference dinner: Thursday 28 September, 8pm



Prof Denise Ferris

Dr Geoff Hinchcliffe

Ruth Waller

Dr Martyn Jolly

Kit Devine

Alex Burchmore



Alex Burchmore: Alexander.Burchmore@anu.edu.au

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